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New Baby

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With all the sadness in our world, I am always refreshed by the simple things of life. Spring babies is one of those refreshing things.

The first time I saw a spring mustang colt was last year. I was very surprised when I saw this little thing chasing behind its mother at the end of January. My first reaction was worry, it seemed so cold outside.

I have since learned that the young are stronger than we give them credit for. They survive and grow strong. So let us all tune into our young hearts and grow strong.


Is it Spring yet?

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January 23, 2018

Is it Spring yet?

That’s always my first question the day after Christmas. So here we are almost a month after Christmas and I am still asking that question. But there are a few signs that Spring is coming: My desire to see flowers has grown a hundred percent, and rumor has it that the mustangs have started to have their babies.

So here is to a great New Year and lots of new adventures. 


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What’s New

This has been an amazing summer and one of the hardest I can remember. For a good part of the summer, it seemed as those we were riding an emotional roller coaster – family illness, heat (did I say HEAT) and projects around the house. Which meant having guys come and fix and install stuff. All the guys were great, we just don’t do well having strangers around. And somehow this summer with every little bump in the road, it seemed to knock me off my center.

But two things seemed to hold my soul together: first getting back to my yoga and second … I decided to take a leap of faith, and look for an art gallery that would display my work. After much self-reflection, I felt like I had discovered my medium and subjects: photographing the landscapes and mustangs of my beloved New Mexico and the West.

I am most fortunate to have found and been juried into a wonderful gallery nearby, Corrales Bosque Gallery. It is a well established artist-owned gallery that has been in operation since 1994. What a treat! The first show I will be joining them in, is in September. What a beautiful way to finish the summer and start the fall.

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Remembering our wildness

It has been a while since I have posted on my blog. I have been trying to keep sane, with the whirlwind of insanity that is our government right now, so to that end I have been working on a new project. This new project is to commune with nature and the wildness that is our local mustangs.

Bands of wild horses roamed North America in prehistoric days, and then are thought to have disappeared during the last ice age. Our beautiful darlings have been here in New Mexico since the late 1400’s. So they have endured many changing times. What is the key to their survival…wildness.

Remember your wildness of heart in the face of what comes your way. No mater what changes in this world, spend time in nature and let the sun and wind restore your soul. You were born of more than just the digital dust of our world. Find your creature, spend time with them, and let them lead you back home… Back to your wild heart.



True Heart

True Heart cover ebook


New Book

I just finished my first book; it is a fairytale. I guess it is the big kid in me, but I have always felt that fairytales are one of the best ways to tell the truth. So True Heart is a tale of a young Tibetan Dragon who overcomes her greatest fears and learns to fly.

It can be found at, and iBooks, soon to be available for Nook (Barnes and Noble), for Kindle (Amazon) and other online book retailers.



Thank you

It has been has been a few weeks since I have posted anything on my blog. During this time, I have been finishing an adult-children story that I am about to publish. But I have also been continuing on my own journey of processing what is happening in our country. There have been so many crazy changes that sometimes I feel like we are all trapped in a cross between I Love Lucy and The Twilight Zone. 

At this moment, though, I would like to express my deepest gratitude for the Water Protectors, and all the sacrifices they made for all of us at Standing Rock. The piece I created for this blog is my small way of saying thank you to them. It is entitled, Prayers for Water.




The last part of this year has been really tough. In late summer, my mother passed away leaving my brother, sister and I in an emotional mess. Our lives were the stuff of horror movies anyway, but in a final scene, she cut my sister and I to the bone – leaving us like bloody rag dolls on the floor.

Then there was the election. When it became clear that Trump would be our next president, I thought my heart would break. As I began to hear all the hate-filled noise that came after, the pieces of my heart began to crumble into dust.

Just when I began to gain some strength, Christmas hit. Well bah f_ kin’ humbug! And the dust of my heart felt like it would blow away in the New Mexico wind. How was I going to build the courage to face the new year… one breath at a time my dear, one breath at a time.

So here is my list to help you build courage when your Lioness heart is shattered:

1. Take a shower or bath with the best smelling products out there.

2. Look up the “hero’s stance” and do it while letting the light of the sun cover your face.

3. Get yourself flowers or look at pictures of flowers, because flowers have one job on this earth, and that is to be beautiful.

4. Cook something for someone else.

5. Now breathe

SEE, you are not dead just wounded. The sun will rise, and step-by-step you will find your Lioness heart again.



Small Wild Things

The other day as I was going about my daily chores, I spotted a new group of birds that had joined our little wild blue birds. The reason I had noticed them was that they had an entirely different style of flying. They hovered for a bit before diving after their lunch, wherein our little blue birds just danced between the ground and the cedar trees, looking for seeds and things.

It was a peaceful moment, just me and the birds. In that moment I could hear a dear old friend’s voice in my head reminding me of the importance of the small wild things of this earth. They have been here since the very beginning, before villages, towns, cities or civilizations. They have been with us though times of peace and times of war. Their simple dance of life is one of the keys for our own living… stillness.

Make time for the small wild things in your life; make a place for stillness. This will carry you through all your days.



The Price

It is amazing to realize, but is has been about a month since the election. So much has happened that if my husband had put it in one of his stories, people would have thought it impossible – even for fiction. It has become clear that Russia worked to influence the American Presidential election results to favor their good buddy, Donald Trump. The GOP leadership, on the other hand, has a less than a fiery reaction to this modern form of warfare. Many of “We the People” are not sure what to make of the whole thing. There are plenty of folk who can point that out, but my question is Why…

Why should Russia care who we elect as President and what is in it for them? Why is it that most of the people Trumps wants to be on his staff are from Goldman Sachs (finance company) or from the oil industry? Perhaps, he has drained the swamp and filled it with oil. So what is the end game, our land, our natural wealth? These are the precious resources that they are after, this is what we need to protect.



Keeping your center

There is and old saying about not throwing pearls before swine… There are times when it is just better to keep your own thoughts to yourself and your like-minded friends and family. If you have tried to express your feeling about this election to a co-worker or family member who voted for Donald Trump, it probably was not a great experience. They have drunk the Kool-aid and are in the land of the crazies. They are not capable of understanding any of your reasons or logic. Don’t waste your time.

But as I come to terms with the insanity that Donald Trump will soon take the oath of office, I ponder what it is that I can do to be active and not passive – all the while not losing my own sanity.
To this end, I am focusing on three areas: health, intelligence, and active support.

Health: I am cleaning up my diet and increasing my daily exercise. Our bodies are the vehicles that we use to carry us though this world, so in times of trouble we need a strong body. Intelligence: I am a political news junkie; there I have said it. But even for me, the Trump dog and pony show is too much. So to stay informed and not drive myself into a heart attack, I limit myself to one favorite news show. Active support: There are many good organizations that have already stated they plan on fighting the new administration injustices, but a person could go broke supporting all of them. My husband and I have chosen to support just three, the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union), the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center), and the Sierra Club.

So to keep our center and not lose our way, it is best to be in balance in all things, even in the things that are important. We can not fight evil if we are drained and burned out.