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So where now

The other day, I had a very strange experience: During a discussion with a friend, I found I was being belittled and spoken to in a very demeaning way. Our political discussion changed from one of ideas to my being personally attacked. After trying to bow out, the personal attacks went on. I had no choice but to unfriend her on Facebook.

Our country is in a very strange place. We have become very fractured. Everywhere we turn, hate seems to be coming out of the very walls. People are filled with fear. We must change this but how: kindness and living within the feminine principles.

When I was growing up, my family seemed to be in two camps – those who kept tons of “stuff” because they might need it someday and those who were more Zen in their possessions. I became over time one of the more Zen members. I found more happiness if I only kept things that served me well within the seasons of a calendar year.

Now, I find that I am letting go of things and people in my life that are not nurturing to me or the other person. To me this is kindness, setting both possessions and friendships free that are naturally of better service to another.

We are at a cross road in this country, and I believe even in our own personal lives. Which path, which bridge is right for each individual is a personal choose. For myself, I see that my life and my world need to be restored to the balance of the masculine and feminine principles. As the world seems to be rushing down the path of the dark side, let us restore it with beauty, kindness, and creativity.

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