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Keeping your center

There is and old saying about not throwing pearls before swine… There are times when it is just better to keep your own thoughts to yourself and your like-minded friends and family. If you have tried to express your feeling about this election to a co-worker or family member who voted for Donald Trump, it probably was not a great experience. They have drunk the Kool-aid and are in the land of the crazies. They are not capable of understanding any of your reasons or logic. Don’t waste your time.

But as I come to terms with the insanity that Donald Trump will soon take the oath of office, I ponder what it is that I can do to be active and not passive – all the while not losing my own sanity.
To this end, I am focusing on three areas: health, intelligence, and active support.

Health: I am cleaning up my diet and increasing my daily exercise. Our bodies are the vehicles that we use to carry us though this world, so in times of trouble we need a strong body. Intelligence: I am a political news junkie; there I have said it. But even for me, the Trump dog and pony show is too much. So to stay informed and not drive myself into a heart attack, I limit myself to one favorite news show. Active support: There are many good organizations that have already stated they plan on fighting the new administration injustices, but a person could go broke supporting all of them. My husband and I have chosen to support just three, the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union), the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center), and the Sierra Club.

So to keep our center and not lose our way, it is best to be in balance in all things, even in the things that are important. We can not fight evil if we are drained and burned out.

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