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The Price

It is amazing to realize, but is has been about a month since the election. So much has happened that if my husband had put it in one of his stories, people would have thought it impossible – even for fiction. It has become clear that Russia worked to influence the American Presidential election results to favor their good buddy, Donald Trump. The GOP leadership, on the other hand, has a less than a fiery reaction to this modern form of warfare. Many of “We the People” are not sure what to make of the whole thing. There are plenty of folk who can point that out, but my question is Why…

Why should Russia care who we elect as President and what is in it for them? Why is it that most of the people Trumps wants to be on his staff are from Goldman Sachs (finance company) or from the oil industry? Perhaps, he has drained the swamp and filled it with oil. So what is the end game, our land, our natural wealth? These are the precious resources that they are after, this is what we need to protect.

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