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Small Wild Things

The other day as I was going about my daily chores, I spotted a new group of birds that had joined our little wild blue birds. The reason I had noticed them was that they had an entirely different style of flying. They hovered for a bit before diving after their lunch, wherein our little blue birds just danced between the ground and the cedar trees, looking for seeds and things.

It was a peaceful moment, just me and the birds. In that moment I could hear a dear old friend’s voice in my head reminding me of the importance of the small wild things of this earth. They have been here since the very beginning, before villages, towns, cities or civilizations. They have been with us though times of peace and times of war. Their simple dance of life is one of the keys for our own living… stillness.

Make time for the small wild things in your life; make a place for stillness. This will carry you through all your days.

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