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The last part of this year has been really tough. In late summer, my mother passed away leaving my brother, sister and I in an emotional mess. Our lives were the stuff of horror movies anyway, but in a final scene, she cut my sister and I to the bone – leaving us like bloody rag dolls on the floor.

Then there was the election. When it became clear that Trump would be our next president, I thought my heart would break. As I began to hear all the hate-filled noise that came after, the pieces of my heart began to crumble into dust.

Just when I began to gain some strength, Christmas hit. Well bah f_ kin’ humbug! And the dust of my heart felt like it would blow away in the New Mexico wind. How was I going to build the courage to face the new year… one breath at a time my dear, one breath at a time.

So here is my list to help you build courage when your Lioness heart is shattered:

1. Take a shower or bath with the best smelling products out there.

2. Look up the “hero’s stance” and do it while letting the light of the sun cover your face.

3. Get yourself flowers or look at pictures of flowers, because flowers have one job on this earth, and that is to be beautiful.

4. Cook something for someone else.

5. Now breathe

SEE, you are not dead just wounded. The sun will rise, and step-by-step you will find your Lioness heart again.

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  1. You’ll have a better personal year coming. Politics being what it may, we’ll choose happiness and make that happen. Meanwhile, I’ll breathe.


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