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This has been an amazing summer and one of the hardest I can remember. For a good part of the summer, it seemed as those we were riding an emotional roller coaster – family illness, heat (did I say HEAT) and projects around the house. Which meant having guys come and fix and install stuff. All the guys were great, we just don’t do well having strangers around. And somehow this summer with every little bump in the road, it seemed to knock me off my center.

But two things seemed to hold my soul together: first getting back to my yoga and second … I decided to take a leap of faith, and look for an art gallery that would display my work. After much self-reflection, I felt like I had discovered my medium and subjects: photographing the landscapes and mustangs of my beloved New Mexico and the West.

I am most fortunate to have found and been juried into a wonderful gallery nearby, Corrales Bosque Gallery. It is a well established artist-owned gallery that has been in operation since 1994. What a treat! The first show I will be joining them in, is in September. What a beautiful way to finish the summer and start the fall.

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